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Global Classroom from C2!

Hi year 9 superstars,

One of the awesome things about us trialing blogs in our classroom is it means we can create a global classroom. There are heaps and heaps of other teachers and students using Edublogs all over the world and I think it would be awesome for us to interact with them and see what other people are doing.


There is a teacher Alberta who teachers year 8 and 9 English. I would really like some volunteers to have a look at her blog and the work her students are doing and leave some positive comments about it if you feel like it. If you would be happy to do this, then leave a comment below so I know who is keen!

I woulsd also like someone to do a student post explaining what we have been doing this term and the editorials we have started, again if you would like to do this then comment!


Don’t forget this is a place for you guys too!

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Researching your editorial.

Hi guys,

Today you need to spend the double lesson researching for your editorial piece. It is really important that you are well informed about your chosen topic and that you include facts in your editorial, no one will listen(or read) to anything you say if you make your facts up!

Your facts need to answer the 5 W’s that we spoke about in class, they are:

  • Who

  • What

  • When

  • Where

  • Why

 Research your editorial topic and collate the information on a word document under these headings as little something like this:

Once you have finished finding the core facts about your topic you can then find your ‘nice to know’ facts and write these facts under the 5 W’s.

Just incase you have forgotten what the inverted pyramid looks like here it is:

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Word clouds

You guys have used ABCYa! word clouds before but if you have time one day, check out http://www.tagxedo.com/ these are seriously cool word clouds. You can change the shape(horse word cloud anyone), colour and direction. They are great when brainstorming idea or if you want a creative way to present a speech. Here is an example that I made:

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whats going on Ms. Quinton

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Novel Reflections

Your first task as a class is to write a post reflecting on the novel we have been reading ‘The Other Facts of Life’. It needs to about 100-150 words long. You can reflect on the following things:

  • Have you enjoyed the novel and why?
  • What character can you relate to the most? Why?
  • What have you learnt about social issues from the novel?
  • What have you learnt about life in the 70′s from the novel?

Once you have finished you need to tag it and select the Tasks catagorie.



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Welcome to our year 9 English blog, we will be using this space this year as to investigate, create and publish our work. Over the next few weeks I will be choosing students to help be student administrators for this space and therer will be more link to documents and hopefully posts my myself and your fellow students about what we have been doing in English.

Please use this space responsibly, remember I control everything and can see anything you write. Use this area as a professional learning environment, not as anything resembling Facebook!

Miss Quinton

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